Finding M4W Massage?

How Performing a M4W Massage Can Be The Perfect Gift

As men we are often pretty clueless to what we should be getting our wives or partners for birthdays, anniversaries or special events such as valentines day. We tend to measure our gifts by male standards, which tend to focus on the usefulness of a gift, rather than female standards, which tend to be based on sentimental values and thoughtfulness. The perfect example of this is flowers, which most men will see as a waste of money. Flowers will wither and die within a matter of days, and as such men hardly consider them the perfect symbol of love. On the other hand woman consider them to be a beautiful and thoughtful gift that displays how much their man cares and thinks of them. The man who scores real points with his partner is the man who understands the way women 'score' their gifts, namingly on sentimental and emotional grounds. Once you understand this you will see why a M4W massage is a perfect gift.

To a woman, a M4W massage indicates the ultimate in thoughtful gifts. It says that you are prepared to spend time with her, care about how she feels and are prepared to partake in a very intimate form of physical contact with no expectations on reciprocation or requirement of sex. Ironically it fits pretty neatly into the male 'perfect gift' criteria too because it is something that can still be given even if you only remember the anniversary on the way home from work after all the shops are shut, and you don't have to pay anyone for it.

So having established that a m4f massage is the perfect gift for a man to give, and the perfect gift for a woman to receive, what else is required? This depends a lot on the level of preparation you are making. The ideal massage will involve quite a bit of preparation. Women are far more able to appreciate multiple sensory input than men. In other words if a man and a woman both have a massage in the same fashion in the same room listening to the same music, the man will probably be able to accurately describe the method of massage, while the woman is more likley to be able to give a good description of the room, music and how the massage made her feel. What this means to you is that to give a truly great massage you need to get all areas of preparation right.

Start with the visual set up of the room. Try to make things as uncluttered as possible and if you can use a proper massage table. Your m4f massage will be completely ruined if your wife is lying there staring at the room and thinking about vacuuming. It's great to start burning incense a little while before you enter the room so there is a relaxing aroma. Aromatherapy is a very powerful art with different aroma's having different effects. Just ask at your local store and they will be able to give you good advice on what to use. Finally choose some pleasant background mood music.

The important thing to remember about the m4f massage itself is that it should be all about your partner and melting the stress and tension away from her body. Using massage oil increases the relaxation and makes it easier to glide over the surface. The net result will be a happier, more relaxed, and more easy going partner and a positive experience that will bring you closer together as a couple.

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